About Us

SEPTIMIUS SECURITY is a global company with local influence that specializes in private security, risk & safety management consulting.

Who We Are

We at SEPTIMIUS SECURITY are committed to providing the highest level of security service enabling our clients to focus on their business objectives. The SEPTIMIUS approach to security is based on the specific threats to your organization – avoiding a one-size fits all approach which can over-burden an organization or prioritise the wrong risk. Our threat led, integrated approach to security has been developed over years, and is founded on our guiding principle that risk-taking is essential for success. Our experience and proven competence operating within military, government and private security sector guarantees that we go beyond your needs across geographies and security spectrum. Our primary purpose is to provide a quality service delivered on time and in accordance with strict guidelines insuring our client is safe and informed in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

Our mission is simple; Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control. SEPTIMIUS SECURITY combines experience and expertise with technological prowess giving our client the confidence they need to focus on what matters.

SEPTIMIUS SECURITY is the sum of diverse multi-national global expertise and management, bringing together multiple perspective and deep experience to inform our operations. Our proven capabilities coupled with our expertise reflects our backgrounds as strategy consultants, political scientists, intelligence officers and soldiers from diverse countries and backgrounds which has afforded us the flexibility and cross-cultural understanding necessary to develop long-term sustainable solutions for our clients. It is this combination based on multiple offices across several geographical regions that makes SEPTIMIUS SECURITY relative and distinctive.

SEPTIMIUS SECURITY understands that responsible and calculated risk taking is at the core of our client’s concerns and success. Responsible risk is at the core of our mission which has propelled us into a leading security company in the region. Our emphasis on quality, combined with, international and local expertise has equipped us with unparalleled experience in guiding our clients to solve their challenges and convert risk into opportunity in a region where opportunity seems out of reach. SEPTIMIUS SECURITY has the insight and depth of experience to ultimately provide our clients intelligence, safety and security they require to seize opportunities with pronounced certainty.

Our Clients

Our clients include national, international and global businesses in several sectors government departments
multilateral organizations from many parts of the world with an increasing number of NGO’s.

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