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Static & Close Protection Security

The SEPTIMIUS approach to security is based on the specific threats to your organization – avoiding a one-size fits all approach which can over-burden an organizations or prioritise the wrong risk. Our threat led, integrated approach to security has been developed over years, and is founded on our guiding principle that risk-taking is essential for success. We provide a range of close-protection and static services from low-profile and unassuming security services to high-profile VIP close protection security.

SEPTIMIUS SECURITY combines experience and expertise with technological prowess giving our client the confidence they need to focus on what matters. Our services include and go beyond the following;

  • Static Protective Services (Armed and Unarmed)
  • Close Protection Officers (Local, International & Dual National)
  • Security Consulting and Planning – Individual, Facility and Location Threat Assessments
  • Risk assessment and emergency co-ordination
  • Threat Management – National Risk Assessments
  • Online Global/Local Security Risk Monitoring & Analysis
Septimius Security
Septimius Security

Risk & Threat Management

We have the expertise to conduct risk and threat assessments on an individual, facility or location and beyond – right up to national risk assessments. All our security personnel work in conjunction with our political risk experts, which operate on a full spectrum of our global expertise to ensure that your security strategy integrates all risks and threats.

Whether you face a subtle shift in your operating environment or a crisis, the essence of resilience is responding in a way that protects value and ensures long-term, competitive advantage. A guiding belief at SEPTIMIUS SECURITY is that risk is a prerequisite for success. We bring resilience capability and culture that enable you to take risks with your eyes open, confident that you have done all you can to avert and mitigate the challenges and shocks that will occur in risky environments.

It is important not only that your security strategy is appropriate for your threats and risks, but also against your sector, industry, political affiliation or geographic peers. Our services include and go beyond the following;

  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • Workplace & Insider Threat Management – National Risk Assessments
  • Ad hoc Security Design, Governance and Programme Development
  • Risk assessment and emergency co-ordination
  • Complete Security Assessment – In-Country Support/Expertise
Septimius Security
Septimius Security

Security Management Consulting

Preparation and readiness underpin the most successful response and recovery strategy. Our specialists include crisis management and security consultants, military experts, protective agents, investigators and political experts who work together in synergy to establish perspective to help clients understand the dynamic in the relevant jurisdiction by deploying a continual flow of real time intelligence from our network of specialist analysts. We bring measured, calm and seasoned judgment to the most stressful of situations combined with the ability – honed over several years of practical crisis handling – for setting the right platform for decision making and ensure the necessary resources are brought to bear before deploying teams to execute the proper response.

It is profoundly disruptive and potentially traumatic when something happens that strikes at the core of an organization. Employees, shareholders and stakeholders are all affected. SEPTIMIUS SECURITY ensures a quick and sure-footed response and recovery. The essence of SEPTIMIUS SECURITY response is to establish a proactive perspective on a situation, create a stable decision-making platform and deploy whatever expertise is needed to make your workforce safe. SEPTIMIUS Critical Issues and Crises management includes;

  • Crisis Management Consulting
  • Incident Response Coordination – Travel Security and Tracking
  • Real-time Threat Intelligence – Executive Protection – Escalation Support and Evacuation
  • Kidnap, Extortion and Threat Response & Recovery – Kidnap and Extortion Incident Planning
  • Abduction Risk Analysis and Intelligence
Septimius Security
Septimius Security

Security Intelligence & Strategy Consulting

Our deep expertise allows us to analyze hard-to-get intelligence in a local/regional political and business context. We conduct due diligence and gather intelligence, evaluating the economic and political dynamics around transactions, as well as integrity and reputation of individuals and government entities. This includes the following;

  • Corporate & Individual Due Diligence
  • Deal Intelligence and Due Diligence
  • Strategy & Organization
  • Interpretation/Translation Services
  • Ethics & Compliance
Septimius Security
Septimius Security

Mobile Security

Preparation and readiness underpin the most successful response and recovery strategy. SEPTIMIUS SECURITY maintains and delivers a range of military armored vehicles and other protection and tactical equipment which ensures the continuous delivery of outstanding strategic, tactical and critical mobility performance. Through our alliance with strategic regional and global partners we bring a coordinated security and medical response to any mission or incident, whenever in the region it occurs.

  • Armored Vehicle Rentals
  • Soft Vehicle Rentals
  • Strategy & Organization
  • Complete Transport Management Solutions
  • Static & Mobile Ballistic Container Safe Rooms
Septimius Security
Septimius Security